Seth's Computer Services
The new source In vermont for Mac and PC Repair at affordable prices!

About me

Hello! I am Seth O'Brien. Seth's Computer Services is a home computer repair business that I run. I have been repairing computers for years and it is truely my passion. I strive to offer the best possible support and rates for repair. I also refurbish/buy/sell used and new computer equipment.

Work i've done

Cabot School - Network/Tech Assistance

Cabot Chronicle - Web Development/Joomla Setup/Tech Assistance

Cabot Commons Elderly Housing- Web Development

Small Dog Electronics -Repair Department Intern

University of Vermont - IT Support at the Computer Depot Clinic and UVM Computing Helpline

University of Vermont - IT Support for Continuing Education and The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

Seth's Computer Services - Repaired/Refurbished over 300 Mac and PC computers


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