Seth's Computer Services
The new source In vermont for Mac and PC Repair at affordable prices!

$499 - GreenBox: low power - eco-friendly PC!

Help the environment and save on electricty costs with this ultra efficient small form factor PC. Great for alternative energy homes!

$649 - Standard: Multipurpose PC - Great for a family!

Normal size tower PC. Very fast with lots of room for storage and 8GB of RAM. Can play basic games such as World of Warcraft but not graphically demanding games such as Battlefield 3. Great as a family, student, or business computer.

$949 - Noob gamer: Midrange gaming PC that won't leave you broke!

Normal size tower PC. Very fast with lots of room for all your games and 8GB of RAM. Can play any new game without breaking the bank. Great if you want to game a fair amount but are not a 'hardcore' gamer.

$1799 - PWNage rig: Play any game on max settings!

Complete Gaming PC package with 24 inch HD LCD monitor and keyboard/mouse. Very fast with lots of room for storage and 16GB of RAM. Will dominate any game it tries to run! Very upgradable so you can add to it in the future. This machine will keep you enjoying the newest games for years to come. Will easilly play Battlefield 3 on max!

***Any of the computers above can be completely customized to your liking. Add a 20 inch wide HD LCD + Keyboard + Mouse to any computer that doesn't come with them for $120 extra. I can also make custom Home Theatre PCs to suit your entertainment needs! All computers are built when ordered and will be ready approximently 5 business days after submitting your order. Prices are subject to change due to availability of components.***


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